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What's New at H&M Machining?

H & M purchases Mazak Super Quick Turn 200MS-Y


The addition of the Mazak Super Quick Turn 250MS-Y allows H & M Machining to deliver faster, more accurate and efficient production through the enhanced performance of this high-speed, multi-tasking machine.  H&M has added its "Little Brother' the 200 MS-Y.

Primary features of this new Mazak addition are Turning + Milling + Y-axis machining, along with continuous 1st and 2nd operations.

Capabilities of our new Mazak SQT250MS-Y allow faster operation when cutting chips and reduced cycle times for non-chip generating operations. In addition, there is a wider variety of unmanned operation functions will that further increase our productivity.

Please feel free to contact Joe Muzzillo at 815/877-5623 for further information and/or a demonstration of the Mazak Super-Quick Turn machines capabilities.


July 2010 - H&M Machining adds a Tumbling Machine to lower labor costs on deburring, etc.


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